Become a Support Parent

One of the most meaningful sources of support is another parent or family member who has experience living with a disability. Parents have the most comprehensive and accurate information on their children, and they are experts. Consider sharing your expertise and knowledge and make the path a little easier for another parent!
Referred Parents Program/Parent to Parent Match
Would you like to talk with another parent who has experience raising a child with a similar diagnosis? Through our program we offer parent/caregivers the opportunity to connect one –to –one with a parent/caregiver of an individual with the same or similar special health care need—someone who has been there.
A Support parent is a person who wanted to reduce the feeling of isolation for other families of individuals with special health care needs and allow others to benefit from their experience. A Support Parents provided a safe listening environment /Private HIPPA compliant and is a wealth of information to other families.
If you want to be a support parent please complete the form and or contact one of the directors.

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